Ride off into the sunset…

Gerula’s school is near Cluj Napoca. It’s ran by Mugur Pop, one of our friends, nature lover, with a passion for plants, horses, dogs and wounded birds. Whenever I can find the time, I visit him for my share of wisdom and horses therapy. Today I rode across the Făget area forest hills atop Gorun, an older friend. Beyond me recommending Mugur (you can find him on Facebook), I also recommend bonding with horses. It’s absolutely healing.


Playing two pianos. Or four grills.

Art, skill, dedication, low sensitivity to pain and high tolerance to heat. And most importantly, to know your meat. Once you master all this, you have what it takes to be a good barbecuist. That is a rare occurrence in our country. I wish I could find at least ten of them, convince them to set up a company together. This could blow up and become the top culinary idea of the year. Dan has been handling the grills at Boema restaurant in Cluj for the past two years. He has been a cook for a long time, but he’s been doing just that for the past two years, and he’s been doing it well.


Summer wine

To me, strawberry and cherry season always has its soundtrack. I won’t add a link, but I will recommend any version of ‘Summer wine’ from Nancy Sinatra to Him. I also recommend soaking fruit in cold water for 10-15 minutes before you eat them. Scientists say it’s supposed to help wash off some of the intentional and inevitable pollution. So what else is up?

Child’s Pose

Child’s pose is, up to an age, the observer’s stance, the stance of purity that sometimes partakes in the action, but never gets involved with the seriousness which spoils adults. ‘I can see all things’, my son Vladimir told me today. Ages-old wisdom from the mouth of a two year and four month-old. I am grateful for having been there, for having heard it and for having reconfirmed what I’ve been knowing for a while now.

Little digital diva

I attended Digital Divas 2016, having been invited by #haagendazs, for work. And work was delightful. I got to play with the chocolate ice cream, toppings, purees and fruit jelly I created in my laboratory (#AtticLab ), especially for this event. The picture gallery is up on Facebook, here I’m only posting one snapped by Gabriel Gorgan.

Digital diva of the year goes to Dana Rogoz. FYI.

About plating

Plating is not so much about the rules as it is about practicality and the ability to intertwine it with artististry. If you don’t have both, a plate won’t work, meaning it won’t at the same time appeal visually and allow you to devour as ergonomically as possible. Usually, less is more.