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Running saved my life and keeps doing it. It’s been five years since I took up constant running. I had my share of accidents, ups and downs in stamina, I made beginner mistakes even after three years. Sometimes, running means blood, blisters, fallen nails and muscle or joint pain. All things considered, I never ended a run, no matter how long or hard, with the thought that I wouldn’t do it all over again the next day. Perhaps it’s Stockholm syndrome and I’ve grown attached to my aggressor, I have no idea, perhaps this aggressor helped me leave behind dozens of pounds, countless dark thoughts and countless good thoughts as well. I think that I run because I like the metaphor of it. It’s all good, but the right thing to do is to leave it all behind when time comes.

It’s a superblog

… Just that nobody knows it yet. This is how the discussion with the team behind could be summerised. And now you know that this is team work, like all of my work in recent years. Like all of my work, period. Who can handle all of these things all by himself, thumbs up. Those who can’t, should be a little grateful, if they know how, and if they have someone to be grateful to. I know I have. Thank you.