Holiday to Crete

Kokkini Hani, ten kilometers (or so) away from the Kazantsakis airport in Heraklion. Last night, dozens of planes flew above the beach, one every two minutes. The rhythm has slowed down a bit today; now there’s a landing every five minutes. Unheard of airlines bring hundreds of tourists and leave them in this shabby airport by the sea. The porters here are among the most hardworking I have ever met since I started travelling by plane. Mind you, they are not very well paid, the same way those who work in resorts, hotels and taverns are not very well paid either. And yet, they are polite, respectful and quite professional. They rejoice when they receive tips, but they earn them with a smile on their face and with a sort of shyness I’ve never encountered so far. I will not write anything else about the Cretan holidays; the things I mentioned above caught my eye and I felt like sharing them with you.

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