Hypocrite or ignoramus?

I remembered recently a joke from my childhood:

“Question:  How to call it right, nuclear or nucular?

Answer:  Call what?”

Drawing a parallel, the question “how to call it, ignoramus or hypocrite” with the answer “Call what?” requires a sequel: how to call  a person who only yesterday was cursing the  athletes representing Romania at the Olympics, and who is now flying the banner of national pride shouting  “ Romania is a champion in fencing/tennis/ whatever/  our heroes!”. Athletes in general and Olympians in particular are not a nation’s heroes; they can be at most their own heroes. They are well aware of the fact that they are nothing but gladiators at the mercy of a wavering and mad audience, incapable of true empathy and devoid of compassion.  Nevertheless, even if they carry this weight on their shoulders- for one cannot deem support the audience’s  victory cheers and the booing  when defeated- these athletes fight tooth  and nail, with all their might, giving up time from their life. Sometimes they win, sometimes they don’t. I love them regardless, perhaps because I know what it’s like to be knocked-out in a game you set out to win. While I have some understanding for Romanian sports officials (I do not approve of them) when they hold press conferences to vituperate against the athletes they have sent to Rio (smearing others to mask one’s own stench is symptomatic), for you, couch potatoes out there, who are quick to pass judgement, what’s your excuse?

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