Internet Idiot

If there is any of you out there who feels the internet is no longer the poppy field of 7-8 years ago, when you couldn’t wait for an “ on to off” meeting to see eye  to eye with other internauts, drop a comment to this post. If any of you feels that the internet is full of idiots who have ruined  it, leave a comment here. Mind you, everybody   feels the same, the “idiots”, especially the “idiots”, included.  I am aware of the psychological explanations and consequences of this tsunami of ignorance to the extent one learns about it from internet research, well documented research, unlike those carried out by British scientists.  I know them partially due to my wasting  way too much time  and energy either hating  the “idiots”, or trying to convince them that there’s more to life, that not everything is fishy, or catastrophic, that… It’s taken  me a few years of hackles  and of frustrations to take life for what it is, to take people for exactly who they are  and accept  you cannot change anyone. All you can do is to speak yourself politely, to be understanding, to be patient, to avoid conflict, to keep away from hogwash, not to lie down with dogs, not to retaliate. In reality, the only thing you defend when you fight with someone over the internet is your own ego whispering into your ear that you have a reputation to protect. Which is totally irrelevant for your life in particular and for Life in general. It was a hard lesson, but I’ve learned that I can choose  not to retaliate. It’s been incredibly difficult, but I’ve learned to pay attention and to understand what it means for me to feel offended or assaulted. Once I got it, it became completely irrelevant. Do I have  “clouds”  casting shadows on my online life?  Yes, for sure, but now I know they will pass ne  by. I let them pass me by, I have no reason whatsoever to keep my head clouded. I choose  light. I choose to shed light, instead of waiting for validation. No lamp has any expectation whatsoever from the room it lights up. Do you want to be the lamp in your life?

Light yourself  up and wait   for nothing in return. Ask not why people are mean, why some are full of hatred and others troll just for the sake of it, why do they jump at someone’s throat like a pack of wolves. You can learn all about it in books, but knowing the answer won’t help. would have been cool if this post had been sponsored by Ikea, but it isn’t.

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