Istanbul attack

I am neither fear, nor courage, I am not my fears or beliefs, I am not the movements of my thoughts, I am not the emotions I live. I am not Istanbul, I am not Brussels, I am not I am not Paris, I am not Tel Aviv, I am not a Muslim, I am not a Christian, I am not the sum of the clothes I am wearing or I could ever wear, no matter how clean, no matter how dirty. I cannot identify with what I eat, nor with what I drink.
The source of the evil that we bring to the world is ignorance strengthened by the belief that we are a particular SOMETHING, defined by the ephemeral, the perishable, something that must be defended at all costs, defended with my life, your life, our children’s lives. The Ataturk airport bombing in Istanbul confirms all that, yet again, but we obviously refuse to see it and yet again we turn into our emotions. I pray for Life, because that is all I am, that is all I recognize, that is all I can confirm.

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