Mobility which immobilizes

The taxi driver keeps texting while driving. The waiter can’t see you because he’s on Facebook and you are better off friend requesting him and writing your order in a private message than relying on the fact that he may notice you from 15 feet away. The chef has his eye and mind set on sports bets, he really isn’t too interested in your food. Perhaps it would be better that people involved in the service industry (and I’m not talking about information services) will not have access to their own phones during working hours. Or at least not have internet access. Or I don’t know what, but this phenomenon that keeps expanding is surely not in the client’s favor. Of course it’s normal to have access to the technology of the times you live in, but it’s as normal to do your job while at work. Or perhaps I can’t understand the world I’m living in and I have unjust expectations.

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