Moise Guran gives up TV

The days when I prepare for my show Medium Rare on Europa FM I go to the radio station, I sit on an armchair in the hallway and I start writing. Almost without exception, Moise Guran shows up, and he tries to persuade me the armchair in the hallway is for guests, not for the team, and in order to give up on it easier, he offers me a place in his office. Sometimes I accept, but only because he is very convincing, and because I hope to hear him say things about things. Moise is one of the few Romanian journalists that still deserves that title. I’m not judging the others, but I wouldn’t give up my armchair in the hallway for one of their stories.
Moise Guran is giving up his show on Digi 24. He even says why on his Facebook page: ‘ To a new generation, let’s call it the bizi generation, the generation who already abandoned TV or will do it the following years, will be the next to succeed doing in Romania things which previous generation perhaps already failed in. That’s the generation I’m after.’
He makes sense. I know very well that I got into television too late to become fascinated with it, that’s why I trust Moise and I feel he made the right choice. Regarding Moise’s new plans, read here. About giving up the Biziday show on TV, read here.
Good luck, Moise. Thank you for the office. I’ll enjoy it again, in the fall.

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