On self esteem

Books, entire libraries were written on how to increase and maintain self esteem. `Self esteem` is nothing but a slightly pretentious name for EGO, a construct of the mind, which serves us only temporarily, including from life’s practical perspective. However, self esteem proves to be a volatile investment, seeing the countless factors contributing to its increase or decrease in value. Not to mention that between having a good opinion and having a bad opinion on oneself makes no difference from the Truth’s point of view, both consuming time and energy taken from other activities, some really important for the life we have been given. The thoughts which are fed constantly do that, and our opinion about ourselves is not a fact, it’s a thought we try hard to feed with arguments. The lack of self esteem provides freedom. You can be yourself in any situation, effortlessly, without the effort of being whoever your self esteem says you should be in that situation. If you have no investments to protect, your blood pressure won’t rise every time the stock market has good or bad days.

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