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The customer isn’t always right, but he would like to be

My obsessions are few, but sound. The newest one dates two years back and is aimed at the relationship between the service provider and the customer, with both ends active. I’m a service provider, but most often I’m a customer. In both roles I went through frustrations, more or less annoying, from which I learned a very important thing: the customer isn’t always right, but he’d like to be. This is a very costly attitude since, in reality, it’s far more important to fix your problem than to be right. As a provider, I went through a few situations where I felt like telling the customer that he’s an… that he’s wrong. I never did it for a clear reason: unsatisfied people are actually unhappy people, so unhappy that their dissatisfaction is as genuine as it gets, no matter how imaginary it may seem to those around. And unhappiness cannot be defeated by negativity, but to tell a man who wants to be right that he is not, this extends a conflict from which nobody has anything to gain. This doesn’t mean that you should bow your head when your customer has unreasonable requests or disproportionate reactions. It’s worth more being firm, clear-cut, even polite because sarcasm is not for everybody. And do not forget that people who give other people a hard time they themselves lead a hard life. Of course, you are responsible for it, but you don’t have to become it.