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Masterchef Romania, new jury

According to Pagina de media, ProTv has announced  the new Masterchef jury. I was a juror myself  for two seasons and I enjoyed it. I commend their choice and each member of the new jury. Samuel Le Torrillec is a very talented chef, with a strong contribution to the creation of modern Romanian cuisine. Liviu Popescu has built a solid and impressive business having  cooking at its core. That alone should suffice when it comes to his credentials in judging a dish. My friend Razvan Exarhu has learned about cooking the hard way, in his own bistro. We’ve cooked together, we’ve eaten together and we’ve reviewed together so many dishes, that I can rest assured about the show’s future. Regarding the comments on how much of a celebrity  chef one  should be in order to be part of a cooking contest jury, be it for amateur cooks, like Masterchef, or  for professional chefs, you should take into account that, at international level, the show’s format is not limited to a jury panel made up exclusively of professional chefs, it also includes restaurateurs  ( see Joe Bastianich),  foodies, cookbook  authors, various gastronomy professionals. Even the famed Michelin guide, which awards the stars sought after by countless restaurateurs and professional chefs alike, is put together on the basis of judgment imparted by  several people, of whom only  handful are chefs. Therefore, when in the kitchen, we should pay attention to our pots and pans; while on the couch, we should focus more on not chocking on popcorn while enjoying (or not) a TV show. Godspeed, Masterchef!

I enjoy flying

Today I flew twice. Once, according to reality, from Bucharest to Chisinau, where I am busy looking after myself until I go back home. The second time, I got kicked off and flew from ProTV, on grounds of lack of discipline, according to Libertatea, who writes that I got fired for not abiding by my contract. Of course, tabloids don’t owe me anything, no to me, not to the truth, but they could have at least called in advance. Or at least call ProTV for an official stance. It is true that Libertatea does not employ Tolontan or CTP, actually, it may not employ any former journalists, so perhaps I shouldn’t have any expectations. There are no unsettled debts between ProTV and myself, after my taking part in Masterchef, show which I think came to my life at the right time and which I believe will leave me exactly when it is needed. I have no other announcements or comments to make, not here or elsewhere. Maybe it’s because for the past two months I’ve kept hearing I’d quit Masterchef, either because I’m less popular than my colleagues, or because there’s allegedly no chemistry between us, or because, there, I’m a rebel (which would actually be cool, but I’m not). I wish you all well, and for Libertatea #24centimeters