The country where work stinks

I found this topic discussed by Lucian Mândruță in Ziarul Financiar, about some entrepreneur’s drama that he wants to work, but he has nobody to work with. It’s the same drama every services or production entrepreneur has, and I think  it’s only partly because the social security provided by the State encourages idleness or encourages the ‘I’ll take this from the state and make that on the black market and everything will be fine’ type of thinking. I realize in my own entrepreneurial shoes that work isn’t what it used to be. Somehow, my mother’s generation, who is exhausted after 40 years of work, is capable to work for minimum wage, without protesting, but also lacking the efficiency from 20 years ago (please excuse my lack of sensitivity, but let’s face it, the body has its limitations). At the same time, the 20-30 year-old generations seem to not find any motivation in the salary, or in the work environment, or professional evolution. I already encountered that dozens of times. I bitterly concluded that the person asking ‘how much does it pay?’ before even sending in the resume will not stick with you until the end of the season. I bitterly concluded that when dealing with employees, doing good will get you in trouble, or worse, I came to believe that the way my bosses treated me from 17 to 30, when I was an employee, was the right way to go. All those years, nobody wanted my opinion, nobody explained to me HOW to do, but WHAT to do, the salary was fixed and sometimes it didn’t come, taxes were paid in a similar way in many cases, and lack of performance was punished by being taken out. The phrase ‘there’s 10 like you waiting at the door’ was as common as ‘good morning’. I feel frustrated because although I told myself for the past 10 years that I would not treat my employees the way my employers or direct bosses treated me, I came around to missing them. Today, I feel that the odds of starting a business that I can share with my employees are close to nil.

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