Tricks of the trade. Stolen in Romania.

One of the roots of the deprofessionalization phenomenon happening in today’s Romania can be traced in the country’s history, way back when the saying “The tricks of the trade are stolen, not learned!” Was discovered, adopted and implemented on a large scale. Romanians turned out to be an incredibly at this, too proud to beg, too dumb to steal properly (this is from one of Sting’s songs, which obviously, is not about  my rant, but it seems to come in handy). The saying “The tricks of the tradeare stolen”, which can still be heard way too often, reflects our failure to provide and to demand education. Mentoring is as good as non-existent and graduates are, exactly as I was twenty years ago, perfectly unprepared to produce any added value whatsoever. We’ve all been stealing the tricks of the trade until the trade is almost gone. Anything that could be salvaged seems to come at a high price nowadays. Most likely because it is. Unfortunately we can’t mass-produce professionals, cheaper by the dozen. Or mentors, by the same token.

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