Uber is not for me

If you don’t have anything nice to say about something, better keep quiet. On the other hand, if an idea haunts you for a few days in a row, it may be because it wants to be expressed. So here we go: my wife uses Uber every day. Sometimes she takes me along, other times I have no choice but to use this means of transportation. I already had enough experiences to make a short review. I did and it came out negative. The big con was that all my back-and-forths lose any trace of privacy. My going about town leave traces saved in a data base. Of course, the same goes for my mobile phone, but I really don’t feel like giving out my coming and going to anybody. Besides that, I noticed too many similarities between some of the Uber drivers and, let’s say, the Pelican drivers. Meaning, toothpicks in the corner of the mouth, peevishness on the subject of the location, `hey there, how’s the kitchen going’, etc. The human factor tends to level out the different business philosophies behind the various transport services. It’s very possible that the future belongs to car sharing services such as Pony (you take the car from point A, leave it at point B, for a reasonable cost and with no interaction with a car rental service), which doesn’t seem so bad, besides the fact that you moving around is as visible. We are witnessing the dawn of a new age of control and we find it entertaining, that is if we see it. I think I used way too many words before I got to this, but I still don’t like Uber.


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